The Flex4Grid activity aims at providing a system for new market players offering data analytics and aggregation services for Distribution System Operators (DSO) to forecast and influence the load on the grid avoiding blackouts caused by network overloads or lack of power supplies. Based on the anonymised and aggregated information supplied by Flex4Grid applications, the DSOs are able to plan and react on consumption and generation peaks by providing business incentives to prosumers in the value chain to balance the energy load. Flex4Grid will also enable communication between prosumers’ grid tie inverters to control the amount of power coming to the network to avoid network overload.

On the prosumers’ side, Flex4Grid aims at simplifying the integration of building management system and renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines and energy storages as well as a better energy management and optimisation according real‐time electricity costs and other incentives offered by the energy retailers.

Flex4Grid provides a holistic data management solution for smart grids that unifies the data exchange between DSOs and their customers by integrating different complementary components brought in by the partners. Together with a control interface to building management systems, home automation systems and smart appliances this will result in efficient network management of smart grids and allow the integration of prosumers in the distribution network. The Flex4Grid system will be built from components with a high technology readiness level (TRL5‐9) provided by the technical project partners to ensure a successful integration.

Flex4Grid system
Figure: Flex4Grid System

The piloting in three different electricity networks provided by the DSO project partners will serve as excellent environment to validate the Flex4Grid system in a real‐world setting. The first iteration of the piloting activities will allow to feedback findings and to optimise the system accordingly. In the second iteration the full large‐scale deployment and a federation of the different pilot sites will show the full potential of the proposed solution.